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Battery case dropped against former UCF basketball player

A former University of Central Florida basketball player accused of attacking and threatening his roommate is no longer facing a battery charge, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

Rokas Ulvydas, of Lithuania, was charged with first-degree battery, a misdemeanor, a case which was dropped after it “could not be proven beyond and to the exclusion of reasonable doubt,” State Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Eryka Washington said Monday.

Ulvydas, a redshirt junior at the time of his arrest, was reportedly upset after his roommate failed to acknowledge him at an Oct. 6 tailgating party. According to an arrest report, Ulvydas confronted the victim by threatening him and throwing him against a dresser.

Since his arrest, Ulvydas is no longer a player on the basketball team, UCF Athletics confirmed.

“I wasn’t allowed to finish my degree. It really hurt me,” Ulvydas told WESH reporter Bob Hazen. “It really put an end to my American dream.”


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