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Bluetooth gas skimmers give thieves a high-tech way to steal your credit card information

Police in Florida are sounding the alarm again about a high-tech form of theft that’s been around for a few years: bluetooth gas pump skimmers.

Another of the devices was discovered recently at a Clearwater 7-Eleven.

“Watch your bank or credit card statements closely,” the Clearwater Police Department posted on its Facebook page Tuesday.

The bluetooth-equipped devices let thieves access victims’ credit card information “without ever having to come back to the pump,” police said.

Detectives said it’s safer to use a credit card than a debit card at gas pumps, and even safer to pay with cash inside.

“It literally takes seconds for a pro to jimmy one of these doors open and plug in a skimmer,” a former gas station manager posted as a comment on the department’s Facebook post.

Other commenters chimed in with suggestions including buying gas cards.

Publix, for instance, occasionally offers discounts on gas cards with grocery purchases.

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