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Florida man causes crash, threatens to Taser bystanders: report

Law enforcement arrested a Port Richie man in the wake of a car accident Sunday where he threatened to tase bystanders, according to WFLA, a NBC news affiliated station serving Tampa.

Nicholas Wagner, 23, ran a red light Sunday and crashed into the car in front of him at the intersection of Orchid Lake Road and Rowan Road in Port Richey, WFLA reported.

Wagner called his sister using a bystander’s phone; the situation escalated when she arrived, WFLA reported.

Witnesses told WFLA Wagner became combative, angry and threatened bystanders using his Taser, going so far as to chase some of them.

At least one bystander was injured by the Taser, WFLA reported.

Wagner was arrested and faces a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon, according to Pasco County Jail records.

At Pasco Jail, Wagner told authorities he felt threatened when a bystander was yelling at him, and tased the victim out of self defense, WFLA reported.

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