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Florida man left his two children, one autistic and brain-damaged, home alone to drink at strip club: report

A Florida man faces felony child neglect charges after leaving his two children including an autistic son to spend time at a strip club, according to the Daily Mail.

Kalvin Dwayne Guice, 38, of Seminole, Florida spent all day with his two kids before putting his 11-year-old autistic and brain-damaged son to bed at around 8:30 p.m., according to the report. Two hours later, he checked in on the boy and his 9-year-old sister and left for St. Petersburg’s 4 Play Gentleman’s Lounge where he knocked back four or five drinks.

“It kind of got out of hand,” after he had planned on only having a couple of drinks, the Daily Mail reported. Pinellas County Sheriff deputies said they found the boy in his room wearing a urine-filled diaper.

Sheriffs say the girl was unable to look after herself, let alone her brother who needs constant supervision. According to the Daily Mail, the children’s mother was in Georgia to attend her own mother’s funeral. Guice was put in charge while she was out of town.

County records show Guice was charged on July 12 with two felony counts of child neglect.

Guice, who says he is a U.S. Army veteran, was released the day after his arrest after posting a $5,000 bail. He was ordered by a judge to not have contact with his children.

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