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Florida man slaps pregnant woman for smoking a cigarette: report

Pensacola resident Felix Taylor landed in jail for slapping a pregnant woman who was smoking a cigarette, WFLA reports. The suspect was arrested on July 17 for aggravated battery.

The incident happened back in March, after Taylor and the victim got into an argument. According to the report, the victim told police that Taylor was upset that she was smoking a cigarette, saying she should not be smoking while pregnant.

The report says Taylor then plucked the cigarette out of her mouth, threw it on the floor and slapped her in the mouth. Taylor then went into a separate room to smoke his own cigarette before returning to the room and hitting the victim in the face and abdomen, according to WFLA.

Authorities say the woman had a bloody, swollen lip. According to the report, Taylor refused to speak to police and a warrant was issued for his arrest on March 9, although he wasn’t arrested until July 17.

According to the CDC, smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of health problems for developing babies, including preterm birth, low birth weight, and birth defects of the mouth and lip. Smoking during and after pregnancy also increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

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