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Former Marine fired from Belleview High School for private medical marijuana use

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Belleview High School’s student services manager, Mike Hickman, 50, was fired for using medical marijuana in the privacy of his home.

The issue came about when Hickman was injured at the school when breaking up a fight between students.

Hickman, who served in the United States Marine Corps, was prescribed medical marijuana after being diagnosed with PTSD.


Following his injury, he was treated by the district’s worker compensation doctor. The doctor tested Hickman for drugs and reported that he had traces of marijuana in his urine.

Hickman had planned to become the assistant principal and had just spent $10,000 on obtaining his master’s degree.

Hickman’s attorney, Mark Herdman, located in Clearwater, said Superintendent of Schools Heidi Maier recommended Hickman be fired after learning of the urine test results.

President of the teachers union, Mark Avery, said that Hickman was fired for having a legal prescription for medicine proven to absolutely help PTSD. Avery said Hickman only utilize the medical marijuana at home and that, the medicine has never interfered with his abilities to perform his job.

Now, Avery said Hickman has been fired and has no income.

Avery said it all boils down to money and that, school officials are afraid they will lose federal funding if they employ someone who uses medical marijuana.

Hickman’s attorney says that the district had no cause to fire Hickman.

“[Hickman’s] use of the legally prescribed medication had no effect on his ability to perform his job duties and responsibilities,” Herdman said.

The union is demanding that the school district re-evaluate its policy on medical marijuana use, including for children who are forced to be checked out of school by a parent before the child can be given medical marijuana in any form.

Avery said, “I understand that there is federal funding that could be taken, but we do not have any precedent that such funding has ever been taken.” Avery added, “That is the excuse the School Board uses, and the district uses.”

Hickman and his attorney are now protesting the firing, however, if the school board drags it along, it could take almost a year before Hickman receives a fair hearing.

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