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Hackers hold Maitland dentist office accounts for $10,000 ransom: report

A Maitland dentist office found its accounting records encrypted, inaccessible and a pop-up note from hackers demanding $10,000, according to a report by WKMG.

Dr. Carl Bilancione, of Maitland Dentistry, had his Quickbooks accounting files encrypted, and instructions to pay the ransom or the fine would double within 48 hours, WKMG reported.

The attack is suspected to have occurred when one of Bilancione’s employees opened an unknown attachment, WKMG reported.

Five months worth of accounting files were taken but Bilancione was confident that patient records, which are kept in a different system, are still safe, according to the report.

This makes 19 reported cases of ransomware attacks on small businesses since 2018, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office told WMKG.

Bilancione’s practice has improved security measures since the attack, according to the report.

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