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Kayleigh McEnany is Coming to UCF tonight

The former White House Press Secretary is coming to the UCF tonight to speak to students inside the Pegasus Grand Ballroom tonight from 7 to 8 pm. 

The event will be hosted by the politically conservative student-run group, Turning Point USA at UCF. The group went through a bit of a challenge bringing McEnany to campus after having the proposal go through three rounds of voting with the student government.  

Turning Point USA at UCF sent out an email to attendees suggesting that students park in Garage H with lines into the event taking place by the stairs outside the Student Union. This will be a student-only event with attendees having to show their UCF IDs to enter the event, even if they have tickets to attend. Tickets are free of charge for all current UCF students.

Guests will have to pass through a security checkpoint when they arrive for the event, that will not allow any no bags, drinks, food, bottles, signs, or anything deemed a “potential threat” by security will be allowed in. 

McEnany will also be answering questions from students attending the event but will need to submit their questions ahead of time in the link provided,  https://forms.gle/qRiMTkXE9mqNYde98 

Masks are not required when attending the event but will be encouraged to do so when attending.  

McEnany served as the White House Press Secretary under the Trump administration from April 2020 till the end of the Former President’s tenure in January of 2021. 

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