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Lime bikes are gone from UCF campus

Lime bikes are no longer a feature on campus, they were removed by Lime on June 21 as the company shifts its focus.

Lime, the company which brought the 600 bikes to UCF, is reevaluating its partnerships with campuses and cities across the U.S., according to an email announcement by UCF in June.

“Based on strong interest in electric scooters, Lime is phasing out most of its bicycle options,” the announcement stated.

UCF Student Government Association’s bike share program, Bike N Gold, offers free weekly and semester-long bike rentals for students. Their bike shop is located on the first floor of the Student Union and can be reached at 407-823-6484.

Knight News reached out to Lime which provided a statement that they are working with UCF on the issue.

“We’re in discussions with UCF leadership about opportunities to remain on campus and hope to have an update soon,” a Lime spokesperson said in an email.

The announcement also stated that UCF offices are looking into other transportation services that would best serve students going forward.

For information on bike safety provided by UCF click here. UCF also provided a map of bike racks around campus.

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