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Lime Scooters May Be Coming to UCF Soon, SGA Says

UCF SGA will be gathering student body input on the possibility of Lime Scooters replacing Lime Bikes, which were removed from campus in late June.

UCF students can soon expect a survey in their inbox which, amongst other things, will gauge the student body interest toward Lime Scooters on campus, Knight News learned in an interview with SGA leadership.

SGA President Kyler Gray said he is optimistic of the odds that the university will approve Lime Scooters on campus but stresses the need for the student body to express a ‘want and need’ for the e-scooters through the survey.

“We gotta have data to back up these decisions,” Gray told viewers while live on the SGA Instagram last week. “If you want something on campus, let your voice be heard.”

SGA Vice President Madeline Mills added that in recent weeks, much of their interaction with the student body has surrounded the possibility of Lime scooters coming to campus – the bulk of which has signaled support.

The discussion of on-campus Lime Scooters began following a decision by the transportation-rental company to transition their fleet from bicycles to scooters. In the process, Lime removed its bike fleet from many cities and universities across the United States as Lime transitions to a scooter fleet.

Lime bikes were removed from the UCF campus on June 21.

Interested in learning more about Lime Scooters before the survey? Click here and watch below.



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