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Man Accused in Hit-and-Run Death of UCF Senior Released on Bond Again

The Orlando man accused of hitting and killing 21-year-old UCF student London Harrell has posted bond and is out of jail.

According to court records, Yousuf Hasan, 25, bonded out of the Orange County Jail on $75,000 bond on July 1. He is charged with DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and crash involving death or personal injuries – each count carrying bond set at $25,000.

As a condition of his pre-trial release, the judge ordered that Hasan surrender his passport to the State and all travel be restricted within Orange County, court records show. Additionally, he is forbidden from operation anything with a motor, communicating with the victim’s family, and consuming drugs or alcohol. He will also continue wearing SCRAM, a monitoring device worn around the ankle which detects drugs and alcohol through the wearer’s perspiration.

At Hasan’s first appearance on Sunday, private attorney Zachary Stoumbos, who appeared alongside London’s stepfather, spoke before the judge to request maximum, or deny, bond for Hasan.

Stuombos stated that he has reason to believe Hassan is a flight risk and not a United States citizen – a claim which the public defender denies. “I don’t have to tell the court this, but Mr. Hasan is a U.S. citizen and they have no reason to believe that he is not,” Hasan’s public defender later replied.

Stuombos also detailed Hasan’s “extreme level of criminal history” as one of “a number of reasons” to deny bond. “The system in our estimation, and I don’t say this lightly, has failed London Harrell. This man has been arrested since 16 years of age.”

Hasan would have lost his driving privileges in July due to accumulated points and unpaid fines, Stuombos told the judge.

Stuombos later pointed out that this case ‘could’ve easily been a triple DUI manslaughter’ as two others were walking with the victim at the time of the accident.

Despite the argument presented by Stuombos, both parties including the judge acknowledged that Hasan is legally entitled to bond, as none of the charges against Hasan are punishable by life or capital offenses.

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