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Meet Your SGA Cabinet

Newly-elected SGA President Kyler Gray and Vice President Madeline Mills worked throughout June to achieve an administration milestone: the appointment of 16 cabinet members.

Now fully staffed, the role of the cabinet will be to advise the president on all policy matter pertaining to university affairs and to carry out the administration’s agenda established during the campaign.

The path to a seat within the executive branch is all but paved for applicants. The new cabinet members first underwent interviews by Gray and Mills themselves. Those appointed by the pair then appeared before the Election and Appointments Committee, a 10-member commission known for not pulling punches when assessing the fitness of applicants. Only through a majority vote of the committee do applicants move on to confirmation.

Here are the members of the 2019-2020 Executive Branch:

Photos courtesy of SGA.

Looking Ahead

A whiteboard with the message “each week is two percent of the year” is fixed onto the wall adjacent to the SGA President’s desk. The quote, which is among the many handwritten inside of the first-year president’s office, speaks to the ambitious agenda Gray and Mills will carry into the Fall.

From focusing on an increase of on-campus resources such as rentals for e-scooters and iclickers, to formalizing a university-wide database where students can preview a class syllabus prior to enrolling, a quick conversation with the new administration more than hints at their intent to hit the ground running.

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