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New Electric Ocean event debuts at SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld’s premier Summer Event, ‘Electric Ocean’ has returned to Orlando with  brand-new offerings for guests to experience from now until Sept. 5 

Exclusive Drinks will be offered during the event based on each of the thrilling rides such as Mako Kraken and the newly opened Ice Breaker located throughout the park. 

A Menu of specialty food items of savory summer classic such as empanadas, chicken and beef skewers and beignets offered throughout the park at seven different foods tents to enjoy. 

Photo by Andrew Carson

Electric ocean is included with your regular theme park admission on select dates, so you will be able to experience you’re your favorite rides from Ice breaker to infinity falls while enjoying five new entertaining new shows being offered throughout the park. 

For Guests who love take walk down Sesame Street land to see Big bird and the gang they will now be offered a new show called Elmo Rocks where you can sing along in a new rock themed show exclusive to electric ocean. 

Rescue tails night vision is a new attraction for the event where guests will meet some exotic nocturnal animals in a fun and educational presentation about animal rescue. This experience is less a show and more of an educational experience, so if you’re looking for something a little more entertaining you might want to skip this. 

As the Sunsets, Bayside Stadium comes alive with dazzling neon lights and club music as the stage becomes a dance floor for all guests show off their moves with dancers and performers all while the DJ mixes music all night long in a high-energy atmosphere in Club Sea Glow;. This I believe is the highlight of the event and one that if you’re excited about seeing the neon lights and dancers for the promo commercials for Electric Ocean, this is the experience you will want to make a priority over everything else. 

Each night will be capped off with a new fireworks display called Ignite 360 where guest will be treated to a mix of pulsing music, with a combination of a fountain and fireworks display the will bring the luminescent colors of the sea to the sky that can be seen anywhere in the park to finish off you’re evening. 

photo by: Andrew Carson

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If your used to other seasonal events presented by SeaWorld like ‘SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration’ and ‘Howl-O-Scream’, you might find the theming for it a little underwhelming with patches of the park not decorated in ‘Electric Ocean’ colors or signage and may leave guests feeling like its just another day in the park. The biggest pluses for the event are the summer and ride themed drinks and food items. The empanadas are much better than your average theme park food offering and the Mako themed cocktail is a personal favorite. The Dance party at bayside stadium for ‘Club Sea Glow’ is the hallmark of the event for guests and younger children to have fun dancing to high energy ‘PG’ club music along with neon-colored performers. ‘Ignite 360’ is a fun dazzling display of fireworks but is very short and is nothing extraordinary compared to other Themepark offerings at Disney and Universal in the area. The key to understand is that this is not a separate ticketed item so while I wouldn’t go out of my way to go to this event on its own, it is a nice addition to your regular park experience if you visit SeaWorld in the near future.  

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