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Peelander-Yellow brings night of Asian insanity and revelation to Lil Indies

Yellow Nite Fever Tour ft. Peelander-Yellow Fabulous Johnk Wray and Musuki Aruvavo Lee, Lil Indies, July 21

The Asian sense of duty is so real it’s famous. So, as a card-carrying member, a trifecta involving (1) something called the Yellow Nite Fever Tour featuring (2) Japanese artists with (3) Peelander-Yellow as the headliner pretty much obligates me. But read on and you’ll see this tour – brought to Orlando by OYG Presents – is an imperative for anyone into interesting music and experience.

When you’ve got one of the founding members of comic-book-sprung-to-life band Peelander-Z in the mix, anything is possible and none of it will be normal or boring.…

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