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UCF Board of Trustees Approve New Master’s program

The UCF Board of Trustees discussed the consent agenda and master plan and, in the process, approved a master’s program around the themed experience industry, Thursday at the Fairwinds Alumni Center. 

Themed experience is an interaction with a physical or virtual environment that conveys a narrative.

 “It really embraces what our region is about. It connects that to our areas in expertise as a university in an interdisciplinary way,” said Thad Seymour, UCF’s interim president.  

Jeff Moore, dean of the College of Arts & Humanities; Dr. Michael Georgiopoulos, dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science; and Dr. Youcheng Wang, dean of Rosen College all spoke on behalf of this project saying each college would be integrated in. 

The trustees said this fit the 10-year plan. The hope is to educate, entertain, and inspire individuals. The BOT expressed that the master’s program is what will further UCF’s excellence being a worldwide leader in creating immersive experiences. 

“We’ve mentioned entertainment, education, defense, I also see a huge use of all of this in medicine. You have to have this storytelling; you have to have the actors who simulate the patients,” said Board Chair Beverly Seay. “You have to have all the technology, the augmented reality and virtual reality that allows the teaming and looking at problems that only you see in the glasses that you can’t see in the reality.” 

The BOT confirmed that the Board of Governors approved Phase II, the interior buildout of the Roth Athletics Center.  

The new building will serve as a headquarters for the many athletics programs. Administrative offices, sports program offices, meeting spaces, and other team facilities will be available for the following teams: 

  • Women’s cross country 
  • Men and women’s golf 
  • Men and women’s tennis 
  • Women’s rowing 
  • Men and women’s soccer 
  • Women’s track and field 
  • Football

“The Roth Athletics Center is part of a broader strategy we’ve been undertaking for many years to build a world-class athletics program that is competitive with high-academic standards,” Seymour said.  

This meeting was also the second public hearing of the campus master plan. A plan that needs to be updated every five years. The consent agenda having been approved.  

In reference to the subjects of the master plan, specifically the themed experience and its approval, Seymour said he sees a hub for this at UCF. 

“We should own this, as UCF we’re the center of gravity for hospitality and entertainment, we’re going to be leading the whole world,” Seymour said. 

The next Board of Trustees meeting will take place on Jan. 16, 2020, at 2 p.m.

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