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UCF Classes set to resume Monday despite continued hardship from Hurricane Ian

Despite students reporting continued power outage and extensive water damage with flooding in the area from Hurricane Ian, UCF announced Friday that all classes are set to resume Monday Oct. 3. 

Since Hurricane Ian passed over the Central Florida area, many students have claimed to still not have their power back and reported major water damage to their apartments and property as an aftermath of the storm.  

Local apartment complexes near UCF’s main campus like Arden Villas and The Place at Alafaya have experienced extensive flooding as high as five feet in some areas where students reported lost cars property and being evacuated by airboats due to the current conditions. 

UCF released in a statement that while classes will resume with normal operations on Monday, the university asked employees and faculty for “empathy and patience” during the tough recovery from the Hurricane’s effects on the local community. 

“We understand the impacts of Hurricane Ian vary across Central Florida, and we are asking for patience and compassion for those who are continuing to feel the effects of the storm,” UCF said in a statement. “As we reopen, faculty and supervisors are asked to demonstrate empathy and provide flexibility to students and employees given Hurricane Ian’s catastrophic impact.” 

The University released the following information regarding what students, faculty and staff can expect when normal operations resume for the university Monday. 

For Students 

Students with outstanding needs can contact Student Care Services by filling out this form or emailing CareManager@ucf.edu

UCF Housing communities remain open and are safe for students to return to. 

Some campus services are already beginning to reopen to provide students access to dining and recreational facilities over the weekend. 

For Faculty 

Classes at UCF remain canceled through Saturday. No homework should be assigned or required to be submitted by UCF faculty during this time. 

Some students may struggle with returning to academics on Monday. Faculty should be understanding of the challenges students may be facing and should be as accommodating as possible. 

For Staff 

Supervisors are strongly encouraged to exercise empathy, understanding and flexibility. 

Employees should be clear with their supervisors about the storm’s personal impact and their ability to report to work on Monday. 

Our Employee Assistance Program is available to provide work, life and mental health support for you. 

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