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UCF partners with U.S. Space Force

UCF and the nation’s Space University signs partnership agreement to develop technology for the U.S. Space Force. 

According to UCF Today, the two organizations signed an educational partnership agreement after three members spent a day at UCF learning about the university’s space-related research. 

The agreement will focus on six of the following areas:  

Improving freedom of action in, from and to the space domain 

Improving the survivability and resilience of space systems and architectures 

Digital engineering and model-based system engineering 

Increasing responsible artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomy 

Improving space access, mobility and logistics 

Enhancement and integration of existing services from and through an expanded space domain 

The agreement also states there may be opportunities for faculty exchanges, for collaborative research projects and for student internship opportunities. 

Grace Bochenek, the director of UCF’s School for Modeling, Simulation and Training said she believes the new agreement will allow the flexibility needed to bring the type of results the Space Force is looking for. 

“We have a lot of strengths in areas that are of interest to Space Force such as modeling and simulation, engineering and interdisciplinary research,” said Bochenek “The EPA allows us a lot of flexibility so we can work together and help drive the kind of innovation that the Space Force is looking for while also developing an agile workforce that’s got the right stuff and is ready to go.” 

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